McCurry Motor Company is wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and we thought we would kick it off by letting you know some of the things we have learned about dependable used cars!

1.  CVT Transmissions are expensive and not dependable!

2.  RAV 4 transmissions have consistently let us down as have Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriots.  In fact, the Compass and Patriots are definitely on the "DO NOT BUY" list.

3.  Nissan, love the sound of the make and the brand recognition but man they really consistently have issues.  (trans)

4.  Honda seems to have rebounded back and there 2008-present like their streak from the late 90's of real quality vehicles.

5.  Tahoes and Suburbans are expensive, but man they are dependable and they are great SUVs.

6.  The Ford Fusion 2010-present and the 6 cylinder Sonata are good cars that we love and have owned several personally of each make.  

These are some of the things we have learned over the years (among others) and some rules we live by when we are looking for new inventory.  

Hope everyone has a great Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays, 
McCurry Motor Company